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Bonfire Night Floor Stickers

The sparkliest night of the year is fast approaching – Bonfire Night! We’ve all missed the dazzle and joy of colourful lights in the sky, getting together with friends and enjoying a glass or two of hot chocolate. But have you considered capitalising on the return of Bonfire Night in your business? Here are 5 top ways that you can get your customers in the Guy Fawkes’ spirit, featuring bonfire night floor stickers…

vinyl floor sticker printing

Retail Signage Needs

When running a store of any description, it’s important to think about your retail signage needs. What kind of information should you be displaying? And how will that help your profits? We are here to talk you through the retail signage that you can use to help promote products, display offers and inform your customers.

Creating Large Graphic Vinyl Designs

Here at Printed Floor Stickers, we know that you might not just want to use custom vinyl floor decals for small-scale signage. Graphic vinyl flooring can be your perfect solution to creating a jaw-dropping, eye-catching event decor. Read on for our ideas for large graphic vinyl designs…

vinyl floor graphics printing

Vinyl floor stickers & social distancing

The last year has been very strange for all of us. Businesses have been forced to close and reopen multiple times, social contact has been limited and the way we’ve gone about our day to day lives has changed beyond recognition. 

But we’ve also all adapted to make our lives work in this new context – and the same goes for businesses. Essential shops and pharmacies have been amending their instore policies to facilitate customer and staff safety, and when things reopen later in the spring, non-essential retail, personal services and hospitality will all have to do the same. 

So how can the humble vinyl floor sticker help your business stay safe during these troubling times?

vinyl floor graphics printing

Can You Use Safety Signs as Floor Graphics?

Can You Use Safety Signs as Floor Graphics?

Health and safety is an integral part of any commercial environment. We need proper documentation and diagrams to educate people on what to do in the event of an accident, or how to avoid injuring themselves. The only problem with these health and safety signs is that they tend to become quite intrusive and clash with the decor that a business has invested in.

vinyl floor graphics printing

Anti slip rating

Ever seen floor graphics being described as R9 or R10? What do the numbers actually mean? Here’s a quick guide to R anti-slip ratings – and which rating you’ll need for your floor graphics.

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