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Before reading our Design Tips, it might be helpful to take a look at our gallery for some ideas and inspiration, and our Artwork Guide for some more technical design aspects.
Once you’ve done that, have a look at our handy design tips below, for a truly eye-catching artwork design.


Take a look at our templates to ensure a print-ready design! Choose from a range of shapes and sizes for your desired effect, including speech bubbles, footprints and hearts! With sizes ranging up to 50 metres for a single graphic, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

However, if you wanted something different, we can create custom shapes and sizes to your specifications, just get in touch and let us know!


Use colour judiciously; too many colours can look messy and crowded. Choose bright, bold eye-catching colours that contrast to the colour of the floor where it is being stuck! There’s no point having a camouflaged floor sticker!


Remember, you don’t have to stick to one of our templated shapes. With our die-cutters, we can create any shape imaginable, so why not think outside the box? Create a floor vinyl in the shape of your logo or your product.

Blank space

Vinyl floor stickers are usually seen from the height of the viewer – rarely do people stop to bend down and examine floor marketing. So, make sure your message is clear from a distance. Use blank space to draw attention to your text and graphics; keep it uncrowded and clear.


Remember, vinyl floor graphics offer a fantastic marketing solution for your customers to organically engage with your company branding. As such, consider using your logo, your company colours and company message to really reinforce your brand awareness.


Make sure you pick the right type for your desired area. CombiGrip and SteadyGrip are designed for indoor use on smooth floors. MultiGrip is suitable for indoor use on floors, walls & carpets and short term outdoor use, and ProGrip is suitable for any surface (including concrete or carpet). Choose the best material for your specific situation to ensure the durability of your design.

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