Vinyl Floor Sticker Uses

There are many floor sticker uses; these handy vinyl floor graphics are incredibly versatile. When it comes to supermarkets, large retailers or even office lobbies, floor graphics are often the first thing you see when you step through the door. 
But they don’t have to be relegated to entrance areas. Vinyl floor graphics can offer fantastic marketing and communication solutions throughout the business – no matter what industry you’re in!

Covid – 19

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, floor sticker sales have skyrocketed. These handy, non-slip, graphics allow businesses to mark out queues, ensure social distancing is maintained, and remind customers to wear a mask or sanitize their hands. They can also direct customers around a one-way system, helping to keep visitors and staff alike safe.

Supermarkets and Retail

One of the most popular floor sticker uses, supermarkets and other stores often display floor decals to show customers around, indicate queuing points or advertise sales and special offers. If you have a few particularly popular products, why not have several different designs marking out the routes for customers – for example, in a pet store you could implement some puppy paw prints leading to a canine care section, and some feathered-friends floor graphics directing to the bird section.

Point of Sale Queues

A busy till is always a good sign for retailers, but an unruly queue can prevent other shoppers from moving around the store with ease. On the other side of the coin, if customers have trouble finding your point-of-sale counter, it can often put them off making a purchase altogether. Vinyl floor graphics are great for indicating designated queue areas – plus you can also place additional floor stickers throughout your shop floor to lead customers straight to the till counter.

Leisure Facilities

Cinemas, theatres, gyms, leisure centres, museums, heritage sites and art galleries all implement vinyl floor graphics to direct customers to the facilities, toilets and eateries, as well as marking out queues and providing information. Popular decals for museums and art galleries depict a tour route or ‘Guided tour’ meeting point, as well as the all-important Gift Shop.

Health and Safety

Floor stickers are ideal for displaying health and safety messages without taking up any extraneous space. Display large, bright hazard warnings, emergency exit stickers, safety signs or advice – no one will miss them! Floor stickers can also be used effectively for marking out an evacuation route or fire assembly point.

Hospitals and Health Centres

Hospitals can be an absolute maze; graphic floor vinyls are ideal for directing staff, patients and visitors around a hospital or medical centre. Consider using different designs or colours to direct people to different wards or facilities.


Perfect for festive decoration! Consider using bauble shaped decals wishing your customer or visitors a Merry Christmas, or a bouquet of flowers displaying a Mother’s Day message! Brighten up your store or business with different festive designs.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Direct conference goers around the venue with custom printed floor stickers! Consider using arrows, colour-coded or text-based floor vinyls to direct your visitors to the correct event or stand.

Schools & Universities

University campuses can be huge! Use floor vinyls to direct students around, to indicate staff only areas or to even offer motivational messages outside lecture halls! There’s no limit to floor vinyl uses.

QR Codes

With our custom printing we can print QR codes on floor vinyls ideal for hospitality venues, or for NHS Track and Trace. With our variable data printing, we can even print a different QR code on every floor sticker perfect for a museum or gallery self-guided tour, where each code links to a different web page or audiofile.

Warehouse Workshops

Good signage is the key to running a safe and productive warehouse environment; One of the key floor sticker uses is to promote safety in the workplace. You can use them to label processing areas, separate forklift and foot traffic routes, identify shelving contents and direct people to your building’s evacuation points in the event of an emergency.

Designated Spots for Bins and Trolleys

Whether it’s a wheelie bin, a trolley or a sack truck, anything on wheels can have an annoying habit of disappearing… Placing a sticker in their designated spots can not only show employees where to return these items after they’re done with them, but will also serve as a clear indicator of what’s missing; helping you keep your workplace in order.

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