SteadyGrip Printed Floor Stickers


SteadyGrip Vinyl Floor Stickers


SteadyGrip ⭐⭐⭐ R9
SteadyGrip is a popular floor graphic, topped with a protective anti-slip laminate, SteadyGrip is also available with a clear background.

SteadyGrip is suitable for use indoors on smooth surfaces. With an extra protective layer, it is suitable for areas with heavier footfall.

Turn bare floor spaces into a bright and inviting area with high-quality printed floor stickers. Add promotional offers, directional arrows, company branding or new products to your floor space! We can print social distancing floor stickers, footprint stickers and emergency exit stickers to suit your requirements.



  • 200 micron removable vinyl
  • Anti-Slip Rating – R9
  • Indoor Use – Yes
  • Outdoor Use – No
  • Protective Lamination – Yes
  • Use for rough surfaces – No
  • Fire Safety Rated – Yes (R1)
  • Clear material option – Yes


How should I clean my floor graphics?
You can clean your floor stickers in the same way you clean the rest of the floor surface. We recommend allowing your floor decals to settle for at least a day before washing them.
Will these floor stickers fade in sunlight?
All our printed floor stickers are printed with UV-safe inks so they will not fade in sunlight.
How do I remove the floor stickers? 
Most of our range are removable floor stickers. These can be peeled off from the surface quite easily. Clean any left over residue with a standard household cleaner. For any areas that are hard to remove, try applying heat with a hair dryer.


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Your designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage or send over to us later if it is easier. Alternatively, visit our Artwork Design Services page for more information regarding our professional design service.

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