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Take a look at our Printed Floor Stickers Frequently Asked Questions. For general artwork, payment queries and company information, please see our General FAQs section

What sizes of floor sticker are available?

Our printed floor stickers come in a variety of sizes – from A5 to A0. We can also print custom size and shaped floor stickers. 

What shapes are available?

We have a wide array of popular shapes, including footsteps, hearts and stars – head over to templates (under the Design menu) for our most common shapes. If you are looking to design your own shape- no problem! Simply get in touch with our team today! 

Can floor stickers be used outside / on carpet?

We offer a variety of different grip options – MultiGrip and ProGrip are suitable for carpet use, as well as concrete and walls. MultiGrip graphics will last approximately 1 month outside, whereas ProGrip will last considerably longer.

What’s ProGrip?

ProGrip is the most versatile gripped base for our floor graphics. You can use a ProGrip graphic indoors, outdoors, on walls, carpets, tiles, tarmac and concrete. It will hold up well against the elements and has a high anti-slip rating of R13.

Can you use floor stickers on ramps, stairs or uneven surfaces?

Yes – but to limit creases, we’d recommend cutting your graphic to fit individual stairs. Our friendly team can take care of this – just get in touch! MultiGrip and ProGrip will effectively adhere to uneven surfaces, but remember to maintain safety at all times. It’s not a good idea to put a graphic over uneven surfacing, if people are likely to walk on it.

How long will floor graphics last?

It depends on the material used and where it is placed. Floor graphics generally have a life of up to 3 years indoors, and up to 2 months outdoors. However, they could last considerably longer, depending on foot traffic, weather etc. 

How do I apply a floor sticker?

Your floor sticker will come with self-adhesive backing. Simply peel this off and press the graphic to the surface. Ensure the floor is clean and even before applying and use a squeegee to keep the graphic flat and smooth, and eliminate any bubbles.

How do you remove a floor sticker?

Start at one corner and slowly and evenly peel the sticker away from the surface. Clean any sticky residue with a general household floor cleaner. If your graphic has been in place for many years and is stubborn, try using a hairdryer to heat it, making it easier to remove.

How are floor graphics printed?

We print custom floor graphics in-house using digital large format technology.

How do I get in touch?

Head over to our contact page for details.

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vinyl floor graphics printing
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