CombiGrip Printed Floor Stickers


CombiGrip Vinyl Floor Stickers

CombiGrip ⭐⭐ R10
CombiGrip is our standard floor graphic, with a built in hexagon anti-slip textured surface these are the most cost effective floor graphic option.

CombiGrip is specially designed for indoor use on smooth floors.

We offer a wide range of standard sized printed floor stickers (with free downloadable templates), or we can print your very own custom size and shape floor sticker. Create a floor sticker that matches your logo or latest promotional product.

Keep staff and visitors safe with printed floor vinyl stickers, print directional arrows or informational floor decals.  Want to add some fun into your workplace or retail setting? We can print gold star stickers, event themed stickers and 3d illusion stickers!




  • 150 micron removable vinyl
  • Anti-Slip Rating – R10
  • Indoor Use – Yes
  • Outdoor Use – No
  • Protective Lamination – No
  • Use for rough surfaces – No
  • Fire Safety Rated – Yes (R1)
  • Clear material option – No


How big are these stickers?
Our printed floor stickers are available in standard “A” sizes from A5 to A0. However, we can also design and print custom size and shape floor stickers.
How long will this floor sticker last? 
The life span of our advertising floor stickers should be around 3 years. However, it really depends on the foot traffic and environmental conditions that your floor graphic is open to.
How do I apply floor stencils to my surface?
Each floor graphic sticker comes with a self-adhesive backing. Simply peel off the backing and press the sticker down on the floor surface to apply. (For best results, make sure the floor is clean and dry before applying, and use a squeegee tool to apply the sticker smoothly and evenly.)
What does R10 mean? 
R10 is the anti-slip rating (which ranges from R9 – R13). This rating indicated the likelihood of slipping on the surface.


Template Read Me Guide

Your designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage or send over to us later if it is easier. Alternatively, visit our Artwork Design Services page for more information regarding our professional design service.

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