Printed Floor Graphics Most Common Uses


Using printed floor stickers in garages or on the concrete is a cost-effective way to communicate parking information to your customers. R13 vinyl can last outdoors for years, and can be applied directly onto road or pavement. Use floor decals in this material to signpost parking spaces, indicate exits or even display opening times for car parks.


Shopping centres

Large scale shopping centres use custom printed floor graphics to great effect. Not only are they used to indicate entrances, they can be used simply and effectively in the current Covid climate to maintain social distancing. They can also draw attention to new stores, toilets and refreshments. Use them in store to direct customers to discounted products, new releases or even seasonal gifts. Use large red floor decals to direct traffic to your best sale items!



Floor decal printing is becoming more and more popular; printed floor graphics are now a common sight in supermarkets, to enable customers to easily maintain a 2 metre distance. Floor vinyls can also direct customers to amenities, products and POS.


On-floor advertising

Do you remember the Ghostbusters promo in Waterloo station a few years ago? For those who missed it, the large scale Marshmallow man was something to behold, rupturing out of the floor of the iconic station concourse! This site was surrounded by bright green Ghost-laden decals, making sure everyone who saw the Mallowman knew exactly why he was there. Similarly, with 3D printing effects, you can create realistic 3D advertising through a 2D medium- the humble floor decal.




Think for a moment about the foyer to major tourist attractions, for example, the London Sealife Centre and Aquarium. Large scale printed floor vinyl graphics decorate the floor, offering information and aesthetic appeal. Use decals to jazz up your entrance way with durable, non-slip, floor advertising .



Whether it’s an airport, the tube or a train station, durable printed floor graphics can help direct customers around, communicate information and showcase duty free / retail offers throughout their journey.


Theme Parks

Durable R13 plus floor vinyl are often used at theme parks and other kid-friendly attractions. Not only do they inform and communicate information, they can be used to create impressive displays. Create a bottomless pit, a large crack in the concrete or other amazing 3D effects that will leave kids speechless!

printed floor graphics common uses

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