Our step-by-step guide on how to apply floor stickers

1. Surface preparation Make sure that the desired surface is completely clean and dry, and away from any trip hazards. If the surface needs cleaning, use a brush to remove any debris; do not use water or liquid cleaner, as the surface must be dry for successful application. It’s best to choose a surface that is well-maintained and even; it’s unsafe to place a graphic on uneven ground as it can be a trip hazard. Additionally, an even surface is desirable, as the more even your surface, the better the graphic will stick.

2. Outdoor graphics If you’re applying a MultiGrip or ProGrip graphic outside (other types are not suitable for outdoor use), you must apply the sticker in dry weather on a completely dry surface. It’s best to choose a warm day (above 10 °C where the temperature is predicted to rise to a minimum of 18°C), as this will help the adhesive bond to the surface. Take a look at the weather forecast and make sure it isn’t projected to rain for at least the next 24 hours; a dry environment is crucial for successful application.

3. Application Begin by aligning your graphic to the surface; if it’s a large sticker you may wish to mark out your ideal positioning before starting this process. When you’re happy with the positioning, pull back 5cm of the liner to expose the adhesive side of your graphic – begin with this small section and push onto the surface in a smooth motion. Progress bit by bit (with sections of 10-20cm) and push the graphic onto the surface gradually, with firm pressure. We’d recommend using a squeegee or roller to eliminate air bubbles.

4. Finishing Once your entire graphic is stuck to the desired surface, go back over all the edges with firm pressure to ensure they are fully secure. If you have any sharp corners on your floor sticker, consider trimming these – the sharper the corner, the more likely it is that the specific part of the graphic will begin to lift. If you’re attempting to place a graphic on a rough surface, use heat and pressure to create a smooth and secure finish.

5. Removal When it comes to removing your floor graphic, we’d recommend beginning with a small corner section of your sticker and gently peel up. Continue with this process, pulling with slow and even pressure on the graphic, until the entire sticker has been lifted. If you’re struggling to get started, you can heat the graphic with a hair dryer for ease of removal. Once it has been lifted, use ordinary cleaner and water to remove any sticky residue.

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