Bonfire Night Floor Stickers

isaac sloman unsplash Bonfire Night Floor Stickers

1. Design bonfire night floor stickers

Whether you’re running a fireworks display or not, invest in some bonfire night floor stickers to get your customers in the mood for November 5th! Create beautiful fireworks that you can display on your business floor, or even on the concrete outside, leading into your venue or business. If you’re a retail establishment that sells fireworks, sparklers or toffee apples, why not direct your customers with interactive floor stickers: follow the fireworks for Bonfire Night supplies!

If you aren’t selling relveant products or running an event, why not just use them as decoration? You can also use our bonfire night floor stickers on your windows, to make your own fire-less firework display instore.

2. Set up bonfire activities in store

Bonfire night is family friendly – so take advantage of this and attract your younger customers with some interactive instore activities. Whether you’re in retail, business or an office, why not create some fun activities for a bonfire night ‘family day’?

Create some colour-in firework designs and provide pencils and crayons. Alternatively, provide colourful crepe paper and get your families to design bright fireworks, that you can then use to decorate your business.

3. Promote events with signage

Is there a local event that you support? Or perhaps even one that you run? Make sure it is well signposted throughout your business – with large PVC banners outside promoting the event to passersby.

Alternatively, use your bonfire night floor stickers to direct customers’ attention to the event – design them with the date and locatiation of your fireworks display and encourage your captive audience to book tickets. You can even include a large scale QR code on your bonfire night floor stickers to direct your visitors directly to the booking page via their smartphones.

4. Provide freebies

Nothing promotes an event or product more than free samples! If it would work with your particular brand, why not provide some free toffee apples for kids or maybe a tasty cup of hot chocolate? If you’re an alcohol retailer, take the opportunity to sample your ‘wintery’ selection to the adults- it’s the perfect time of year for Baileys after all! If you have a specialised autumnal drink – perhaps a Toffee Apple Vodka – now’s the time to push it!

5. Remember safety at all times

We’ve had a difficult few years, with many Bonfire Night activities being cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Although there are currently no restrictions in place, it’s always best to be extra safe with anything involving large groups of people. If you’re keen to get your customers or visitors to attend a bonfire display, event, or promotion, do make sure you take the necessary steps to keep them safe. Outdoors is always better for reducing transmission of the virus, and you can request a Covid Passport or proof of negative LFT.

Make sure your signage is clear and you keep people distanced whilst possible. Use bonfire night floor stickers to mark out a 2m distance for any queue spacing, for example. Ensure to present clear and legible signage regarding hand sanitizing stations, masks and distancing, to keep this bonfire night safe and enjoyable for all.

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