Vinyl floor stickers & social distancing

Social distancing floor stickers

You’ve probably seen markers on the floor in supermarkets and other essential shops. These are vinyl floor stickers, and have become essential for maintaining social distancing. Design your own artwork or defer to our professional inhouse design service for a small fee.

Simply choose the right material for your floor: CombiGrip is the most cost-effective option and is suitable for smooth floors, MultiGrip works best for carpets and walls and ProGrip will adhere to concrete and other outdoor surfaces. Then place your graphics 2 meters apart to ensure socially responsible queuing.

Popular social distancing designs include footprints to mark standing spaces, and ‘2m apart’ graphics.

Instructional vinyl floor stickers

You can also use custom printed floor graphics to communicate with your customers. As well as traditional designs, promoting a certain product or offer, why not create vinyl graphics reminding customers to wear a mask, or wash their hands?

This is particularly useful if you have a hand sanitising station in store; create a large vinyl graphic (1m x 3m, or bigger!) to draw attention and provide instructions on use. (For custom sized floor graphics, simply get in touch with our friendly team!)

Directional vinyl floor decals

Custom printed floor decals are helpful directional tools, to make sure customers get where they’re going quickly and efficiently. This will avoid unnecessary crowding and help keep your customers socially distanced and safe.

Use arrows to direct to the checkout, exit, hand sanitising station and other popular areas of your store, or consider colour coded / individually shaped stickers leading to particularly common sections or products.

And your directional signage doesn’t have to be a standard arrow! You can create 3d floor art: 3d floor stickers will be sure to grab your customer’s attention and communicate your message quickly and effectively.

Should you have any queries regarding custom vinyl stickers UK orders, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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