4 unexpected uses for floor graphics

But they don’t have to be relegated to entrance areas. Vinyl floor graphics can offer value all over your site – no matter what industry you’re in!

Here’s four ideas for floor graphics that may not initially spring to mind…

Warehouse markings

Good signage is the key to running a safe and productive warehouse environment; and it’s here where floor stickers can really excel.

You can use them to label processing areas, separate forklift and foot traffic routes, identify shelving contents, direct people to your building’s evacuation points in the event of an emergency – the sky’s the limit!

Designated spots for bins and trolleys

Whether it’s a wheelie bin, a trolley or a sack truck, anything on wheels can have an annoying habit of disappearing off on its own adventures…

Placing a sticker down in their designated spots can not only show employees where to return these items after they’re done with them, but will also serve as a clear indicator of what’s missing; helping you keep your workplace in order.

Point of sale queues

A busy till is always a good sign for retailers, but an unruly queue can prevent other shoppers from moving around the store with ease. On the other side of the coin, if customers have trouble finding your point-of-sale counter, it can often put them off making a purchase altogether.

Vinyl floor graphics are great for indicating designated queue areas – plus you can also place additional floor stickers throughout your shop floor to lead customers straight to the till counter.

Tour routes

If you’re running a visitor attraction or heritage space, floor graphic stickers can also be handy for helping your visitors find their way around your site.

Plus, by teasing what’s around the next corner, you can gently push them through to the next area; preventing people from lingering too long and keeping each room or area from becoming overcrowded.

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