How to apply your new floor graphic stickers: our handy guide

But not to worry – floor graphics are actually a lot easier to use than you might think. With smaller floor stickers, you can simply peel off the backing in one go and then place the sticker on the floor; just start at one edge and work across the sticker to ensure an even finish.

Larger floor stickers are a little more awkward, and take a bit more planning to apply them professionally; but if you follow the easy steps in our guide below, the results will definitely be worth it.

Here’s how…

You will need:

  • Your sticker graphic
  • A pair of scissors
  • A flat-edged tool (such as a squeegee or even just an old credit card)

floor graphics step 1Step 1: Make sure the floor is clean

Before applying your floor stickers, you’ll want to make sure the floor is clean, dry and clear of any dust and debris. This will ensure a better quality seal between the sticker and the floor surface; helping your stickers last longer and preventing annoying lumps and bumps.

(This one is particularly important for outdoor stickers, which will be exposed to the elements and therefore need a strong seal to ensure longevity.)

floor graphics step 2Step 2: Place the sticker (but don’t stick it down just yet!)

Without removing the backing of the sticker, place it down on the floor in the desired position with the graphic facing upwards. Confirming the placement of the sticker before you apply it will prevent any alignment issues when the graphic has been stuck down.

For example, if you’re placing your sticker in a supermarket aisle, make sure it’s slap-bang in the middle of the aisle width, and parallel (or perpendicular) to the shelf rack edge. If it’s set at a slight angle, or there’s more space on one side of the sticker than the other, it won’t look very professional.

If you’re placing it on a tiled floor, you’ll likewise want to align the sticker with the tile grout lines. Make sure the corners of the sticker are not placed directly on top of tile corners, as this may cause the corners to get scuffed or pulled up from the floor surface by foot traffic. It’s better to place each sticker corner roughly in the middle of the underlying tile instead.

floor graphics step 3Step 3: Tape the sticker down

Using masking tape, secure three of the graphic sticker’s edges to the floor; leaving one edge free without any tape. By taping the sticker in place, you’ll avoid warping the shape when you start removing the backing and applying the sticker to the floor.


floor graphics step 4Step 4: Peel the sticker edge from the backing

Take the untaped edge of the sticker and slowly peel it away from the backing; keeping the backing on the floor and folding the sticker edge loosely over itself.

Once you’ve revealed a small strip of the backing, use scissors to remove it and fold the sticker edge back over to stick it down. Again, go slowly and move outwards from the fold line to the sticker edge to make sure it sticks down smoothly, and use your flat tool to prevent any lumps.

floor graphics step 5Step 5: Stick down the rest of the graphic

Once the sticker edge is stuck down, remove the masking tape and roll up the remaining portion of the sticker so you can access the backing underneath.

Slowly peel away a small section of the backing, apply the section to the floor with the flat-edged tool, then unroll the sticker a little further and repeat this process until the sticker has been fully applied.

You’ll need to take it steady; but once you’re done, all that’s left to do is check for bubbles and give the whole sticker surface a once-over with the flat tool.

You’re all done! Now your sticker will remain proudly on display – until you want to replace it with something new… offers high-quality floor sticker graphics for a wide variety of floor surfaces, including carpet and outdoor areas. For more information or to discuss your requirements, get in touch with our team on 02380 878030 today!

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