Creating Large Graphic Vinyl Designs

Why create large graphic vinyl designs?

Custom floor graphics are used for a variety of purposes, but are most commonly found for directional signage, or in store advertising. However, you can also create floor graphic vinyl designs that act as décor for your event or promotion.

For example, remember the Marshmallow man promotion in Waterloo station for the new Ghostbusters? The large model of the Marshmallow demon rose from the concrete at Waterloo concourse. This eye-catching promotion spoke volumes about the new film, gleaned interest and created a buzz before the release date. Large graphic vinyl flooring can create this very effect.

Graphic vinyl flooring can be designed in such a way that they give a 3D illusion. So just imagine your party, corporate event or launch complete with full ground coverage – a 3D canyon dropping into the floor, perhaps? Or a large sugar-filled mallowman ghost rising from the floor? Take your design to the next level with vinyl floor coverage.


How can graphic vinyl flooring help your event?

It’s easy to incorporate your branding or promotional material into your large scale flooring decals. But don’t forget – with our custom printing technology we can print any design that you create. As such, you can really think outside the box.

If you’re promoting a film, you can include a shot of the actors and have your guests create the perfect photo op with the ‘cast’. If it’s a product, make a large-scale, giant image and have your visitors interacting. With 3D illusions, you can create the perfect photo of a guest ‘falling’ into a pit, ‘riding’ a dinosaur and much, much more! The images will be shared around social media and help create a buzz for your product.

But that’s not all – don’t forget that smaller scale vinyl floor graphics can direct customers around your venue, ensure social distancing or offer smaller scale promotions alongside the main event.


How would you go about designing large floor graphics UK?

For large scale floor graphics, we’d recommend creating a design across multiple large scale rectangular panels, so that they can be stuck together in place to give the illusion of one large graphic. This is because it will be much easier to transport and assemble in pieces. If you try to lay one huge graphic you might find you end up with a few air bubbles in the process! Contact our friendly team today for advice on large scale vinyl graphics design.

Alternatively, you can leave it with the experts and take advantage of our in house design service. Here, our graphic designers will create the perfect large scale graphic vinyl flooring for all your needs!


What grip would you need for your custom vinyl floor decals?

If people will be walking over your large vinyl graphics, it’s important to ensure their safety. If your event is indoors we’d recommend the MultiGrip material option. This comes with an R12 anti-slip rating, and will offer durable resistance to footsteps.

If your event is outdoors, you’ll need to upgrade your vinyl floor graphic to a ProGrip material. This is most suitable for rough areas, including concrete and offers an R13 anti-slip rating. It also comes with a built-in protective lamination to ensure your graphic looks great for longer, even in rainy weather!


What if you need something different for your graphic vinyl flooring?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? At Printed Floor Stickers we offer custom bespoke shapes and sizes, just get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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