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Using Safety Signs as Floor Graphics

Can You Use Safety Signs as Floor Graphics?

Health and safety is an integral part of any commercial environment. We need proper documentation and diagrams to educate people on what to do in the event of an accident, or how to avoid injuring themselves. The only problem with these health and safety signs is that they tend to become quite intrusive and clash with the decor that a business has invested in.

vinyl floor graphics printing

Anti slip rating

Ever seen floor graphics being described as R9 or R10? What do the numbers actually mean? Here’s a quick guide to R anti-slip ratings – and which rating you’ll need for your floor graphics.

vinyl floor graphics printing

3D Anamorphic floor graphics

Have you ever spotted an artist on the street, chalking up what appears to be a garbled mess on the floor? You just can’t seem to figure out what they’re trying to draw – then you hit that perspective sweet spot and the image suddenly leaps right out at you!

That’s ‘anamorphic perspective’ at work – and with a bit of work, you can take advantage of the effect for your own floor graphic design.

Leading the way

Leading the way

When it comes to larger commercial spaces such as supermarkets, DIY stores and big-box retailers, it’s easy for customers to feel in over their head.

With so many different products all simultaneously vying for attention, finding your way around a store – let alone finding the products you came in to buy – can be quite the challenge!

And it’s not just shops, either – navigation is often a nightmare in larger concert venues and superclubs, where patrons have to struggle through crowds in relative darkness.

That’s where floor graphics come in.

With careful planning and strategic placement, floor graphic stickers can be powerful navigation tools. Not only can they help patrons find what they’re looking for and improve their shopping experience, but they can be a crafty way of funneling foot traffic into purchases for your business.

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