3D Anamorphic floor graphics

What is anamorphic art?

In a nutshell, anamorphic art is a warped projection of the image, created in such a way that it only becomes recognisable from a certain viewing location and angle (and/or via the use of external tools, such as mirrors).

In turn, an optical illusion is created where the two-dimensional image is processed in the brain as a three-dimensional image; causing the design to ‘float’ on top of the floor surface or ‘sink’ below it.

There are actually lots of different types of art which use anamorphic techniques – such as wall art painted across multiple wall surfaces, for example – but floor art is arguably the most well-known form of the medium.

Common themes for floor art  include bottomless pits, caves, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, objects rising out of the ground surface, and ‘interactive’ spots where people can pose for photos (such as platforms to stand on, furniture to sit on and vehicles to ride.)

Why bother?

So 3D street art looks really cool – but from a marketing standpoint, what’s the point in taking the time and effort to create an anamorphic floor graphic design?

  • Anamorphic art is eyecatching, engaging and memorable. Catch it at the right perspective, and the 3D effect will draw you in. Catch it at the wrong perspective, and you’ll be driven to seek out the right perspective to figure out what on earth you’re looking at!
  • As with any floor graphic, anamorphic stickers essentially turn plain floors into valuable advertising space
  • Anamorphic art can provide great viral promotion on social media, as people are eager to share the combination of creative artwork and optical illusion with their friends and followers. (The 3D illusion is often enhanced in photos, too!)

Creating your own anamorphic design

Producing an effective anamorphic design for a floor sticker is no easy feat. You will need to consider a number of things, including:

  • Image choice
  • Image contouring
  • Image scale
  • Floor graphic size
  • Available space
  • Floor surface
  • Viewing spot and angle
  • Budget

Fortunately, there are guides and resources out there to help you create convincing 3D-effect floor graphic designs – such as this video guide by LexJet:

And once your anamorphic design is ready to print, leave the rest to the custom printing experts at printedfloorstickers.co.uk. Drop us an email enquiry  or call 02380 878030 to request a quote today!

link to https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/absolutely-stunning-3d-street-art-paintings/

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