Leading the way

Recognisable landmarks for orientation

Floor graphics are often a subtle form of communication. Not every customer will consciously look at them, but nearly everyone will at least take them in on a subconscious level – either by sight or by the difference in texture beneath their feet.

With this in mind, colour-coded floor stickers can help your visitors to quickly get their bearings. By placing them at the threshold of different product departments or site regions, they’ll indicate to the customer that they’re entering a new part of your premises.

Repeat visits will then reinforce this navigational feedback, so regular customers will be able to find what they’re looking for with ease.

Encourage movement with ‘weenie’ graphics

Walt Disney coined the term ’weenies’ to describe the visual objects designed to attract Disneyland guests further into the park.

The most famous of these is the iconic Cinderella castle, which draws visitors into the centre from the moment they step through the main entrance. Once they reach the castle, they’re further enticed to explore the rest of the park by the big archway signs which lead the way to each park region.

While certainly less glamorous, floor graphics can serve as weenies too; subtly coaxing customers to press on to new parts of your space.

One reason they work so well is that they can be spotted from far away, but the optimal angle for reading their text is relatively close – thus customers will be inclined to walk up to the sticker in order to read it. Once they’re there, you can use other signage to help guide them into valuable buying paths.

Leave a direct trail for patrons to follow

It may sound ridiculous, but a chain of arrow or footstep stickers really does work to direct customers down a desired path. A trail of stickers is often intriguing, especially if it’s not clear where they’re leading.

Since floor stickers are easy to apply and remove, they’re ideal for creating temporary customer routes. Perhaps you’re looking to highlight a particular shelf of products as part of a limited-time store promotion, mapping out visitor routes for a short-term exhibition, or you simply want to help customers find temporary toilet facilities while your main toilets are out of order.

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