Print Lamination Types

Lamination is the process of adding a protective layer of plastic or some other material on top of the finished product. Lamination may provide extra durability, make the product waterproof, or offer an aesthetically pleasing finish that can’t be achieved without a lamination process. Our stickers are laminated to ensure that they meet these standards.

print lamination machine

So you’re deciding on the finish of your chosen material and when it comes to lamination there’s plenty to choose from! Lets take a look at the different types of lamination in more detail, so you can make the best choice for your custom printed product.

Gloss laminated print

Gloss Lamination on Bottleneck Hanger

print with matt laminated finish

Matt Lamination on Pillow Pack

Gloss Lamination

Simply said, gloss lamination is shiny. Gloss is also the most economical lamination technique since it is one of the simplest to make. Gloss offers a glossy finish and as a result creates the illusion of finer lines and brighter colours. Because gloss lamination reflects light, any wear and tear stains will be more noticeable than with a matt surface. Even better, you can write on gloss and then wipe the letters away when you’re done. However, this is only a temporary fix because it will ultimately leave a mark.

Matt Lamination

It has a beautiful and polished look thanks to the matt lamination, which offers a coating layer that is significantly less reflective than gloss. In comparison to its glossy cousins, it seems “softer” and more aesthetically pleasant to the touch. Matt lamination is perfect for a delicate, beautiful design but may not be the best option if you want your bright colours to “pop” since it delivers lesser contrast on darker colours, giving the product a more blended, softer visual impact. Although somewhat more costly than gloss laminates, matte laminates are still an affordable choice.

Silk Lamination

A thin layer of plastic called “silk lamination” is applied on top of your goods to give it a “silk-like” feel. It falls between in the middle of being completely matt or completely “velvety” like soft touch. Though it is more expensive than its soft-touch equivalent, silk offers a high quality, visually beautiful finish and a smooth, silky touch. If you want a touch of luxury but have a limited budget, silk is a fantastic middle ground.

Large Format Lamination

Additionally, we provide a few big format only laminations that are more for functional usage than for any kind of tactile or aesthetically pleasing design.

Soft Touch Lamination

Having a soft, velvet-like touch as well as the same aesthetic impact as matt lamination is a bonus of soft-touch lamination. As a result, this lamination is perfect for giving your goods a feeling of exclusivity and elegance. The disadvantage of soft-touch lamination is the same as the disadvantage of matt; if your colours must be really vibrant, a glossy finish would be a preferable option. The most costly laminate is soft-touch.

Anti-Graffiti Lamination

A thin adhesive coating called anti-graffiti laminate offers good resistance to spray paint and marker pens.
Ideal for use on maintaining safety signs doing their intended functions or for safeguarding signs used in public places such inside or outside of schools or hospitals.

A person writing on dry wipe laminated board

White Board with Dry-Wipe lamination

Dry-Wipe Lamination

The ideal choice for any item you want to write about! For dry-erase calendars and donation checks, dry-wipe lamination enables you to write on your product, wipe it off, and then write again. Dry-wipe is perfect for reusable items since it has an ink and dirt-repellent coating on top. The main negative to this lamination is that it is only offered on big format alternatives, despite being the easiest to keep clean.

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